Mould Tooling

PU mould tool

Working with supplied component CAD models, designs are created for single or multiple impression mould tools to suit each customer’s specification and individual requirements. Mould tools produced by Central Patternmaking are used to manufacture components for the automotive, medical and aerospace industries for a range of processes, and include:

  • PU foam tools
  • RIM tools
  • RTM tools
  • Epoxy resin tools
  • Vacuum forming tools

As part of the CAD design process we include customer-specific requirements such as:

  • Contraction
  • Tool location and clamping tool release features
  • Waterways for heating
  • Insert inclusion for undercuts or the retention of fixers, particularly in the polyurethane industry
  • Operational features, such as hinges, counter balances or gas struts for free standing tools
  • Retaining locations/fixers for tools being used in presses

The mould tools can be supplied as either prototype tools produced from tooling board, or as aluminium or steel production tools.

Central Patternmaking's quality mould tools
One of Central Patternmaking's mould tooling
Bespoke mould tooling product
Catia mould tool
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Central Patternmaking, the largest supplier of tooling to the Castings PLC Group, continues to raise its game with the highest standards, attention to detail and ever decreasing lead times that we demand.

Glen Elmy, Local Director, Castings PLC