Jig and Fixtures

CMM & DTI inspection fixture

Central Patternmaking offers a full design and manufacturing facility for the supply of jigs and fixtures to suit the specific requirements of each individual customer.

All designs are based upon full customer liaison to ensure that all aspects of the resultant application have been considered and incorporated.

Our checking fixtures, whether for gap, flush or attribute checks, are used on components such as:

  • Exterior trim including side valances and bumpers
  • Pressings
  • Heat shields
  • Interior trim including A, B, C and D pillars

Holding fixtures supplied by Central Patternmaking are currently in use in a variety of applications, including:

  • Automotive track side assemblies including bonnet and tailgate badge location, exhaust finisher location jigs and sub assembly jigs
  • Machining of components/assemblies
  • Holding fixtures for CMM validations
  • Holding fixtures for DTI appraisal

All fixtures are supplied with a full CMM inspection report and, if necessary, an R&R study can be provided.

CMM & DTI inspection fixture
CMM inspection fixture
Gap & flush check fixture
Gap & flush check fixture
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I have been using CPM for the last year and I have been pleased with the product.

CPM always involve you with regards to design, in line with your requirements. The quality of communication is good. Cost is dependent upon fixture complexity and is on par with the current market value. With regard to timings and delivery, they have met my requirements.

At present CPM are my preferred UK Supplier.

Craig Hodson, NMI Quality Engineer, Sertec Group Holdings Ltd