CNC bay

Using PowerMILL by Autodesk we generate our highly efficient CNC machining strategies, quickly and easily.

We have a range of 3 and 5 axis CNC milling machines (click here for a full plant list), all with automated tool changing for continuous, round-the-clock production.

All cutter paths are simulated on-screen prior to machining using VERICUT verification software. We are able to detect, and address, errors and potential collisions which would otherwise compromise machining, allowing us to run the CNCs unmanned during lights-out machining with full confidence.

Using zero point fixturing systems and standardised high speed tooling we are able to machine the most complex geometries, from a wide range of materials, to extremely close tolerances, producing consistently high quality, high accuracy parts and tooling within very short timescales.

A Central Patternmaking employee using the Mazak Variaxis CAM machine to create aluminium parts
Cutter paths being produced in PowerMILL
Aluminium part being machined on Mazak 630 variaxis
3-axis CNC machining
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Central Patternmaking, the largest supplier of tooling to the Castings PLC Group, continues to raise its game with the highest standards, attention to detail and ever decreasing lead times that we demand.

Glen Elmy, Local Director, Castings PLC