Composite and Motorsport Tooling

Antares machining a tooling board pattern

We are a direct supplier of tooling to multiple Formula One teams and to intermediary suppliers of carbon fibre parts.

We have a reputation for excellence, borne from the quality of our service and our on-time delivery performance. Our flexibility enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ changing requirements, which only enhances our position as a key supplier in this sector.

Speed and reliability of supply are essential. Quality is a given. The latest CADCAM technology and multi-axis CNC machining centres, supported by a temperature-controlled CMM facility, mean we are fully equipped to meet all of your composite and motorsport tooling requirements.

We offer:

  • Tooling board patterns and moulds
  • Aluminium moulds and mould assemblies
  • Tooling board and aluminium jigs and fixtures
  • High density tooling board and aluminium press tooling
Aluminium jig part
Aluminium mould
Tooling board pattern
Tooling board pattern
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I have been using CPM for the last year and I have been pleased with the product.

CPM always involve you with regards to design, in line with your requirements. The quality of communication is good. Cost is dependent upon fixture complexity and is on par with the current market value. With regard to timings and delivery, they have met my requirements.

At present CPM are my preferred UK Supplier.

Craig Hodson, NMI Quality Engineer, Sertec Group Holdings Ltd