VERICUT verification software

As part of our ongoing capital investment, we have acquired our second licence of VERICUT verification software.

VERICUT simulates the CNC machines running our toolpaths before we commence machining.

We are able to detect, and address, errors and potential collisions, which allows us to run the CNCs unmanned during lights out machining with full confidence. Meaning no compromise in our delivery commitments to our customers.

I have been using CPM for the last year and I have been pleased with the product.

CPM always involve you with regards to design, in line with your requirements. The quality of communication is good. Cost is dependent upon fixture complexity and is on par with the current market value. With regard to timings and delivery, they have met my requirements.

At present CPM are my preferred UK Supplier.

Craig Hodson, NMI Quality Engineer, Sertec Group Holdings Ltd