CAD Facilities

All of our CAD Engineers are time-served and have extensive experience of tooling design and manufacture.

We run multiple CAD seats utilising three different CAD systems:

  • Catia V5
  • Creo
  • PowerSHAPE by Autodesk

With these CAD systems we can:

  • Provide design concepts for customer review
  • Create 3D component CAD models from 2D drawings
  • Accept customer-supplied CAD models, in neutral or native formats, and modify them for production intent, for example by applying split lines and moulding taper.
  • Output the 3D CAD models in STL format for rapid prototyping
  • Produce fully dimensioned 2D drawings from the 3D models. The full associativity of our software means that the drawing is automatically updated if the model is modified, ensuring the two are always at the same revision level.

At the CAD modelling stage we work closely with our customers to ensure that our tooling is always to the correct specification for the intended application.

We undertake reverse engineering with our Faro Edge arm, which has an integrated laser scanning system. The point cloud data generated from the scanning process is used to create fully surfaced 3D CAD models of the original, from which any number of exact duplicates or geometric variants can be produced.

Proengineer fixture
Proengineer component
Catia machining fixture
Catia component
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I have been using CPM for the last year and I have been pleased with the product.

CPM always involve you with regards to design, in line with your requirements. The quality of communication is good. Cost is dependent upon fixture complexity and is on par with the current market value. With regard to timings and delivery, they have met my requirements.

At present CPM are my preferred UK Supplier.

Craig Hodson, NMI Quality Engineer, Sertec Group Holdings Ltd