Inspection & Quality Assurance

CMM facility

Our accreditation to IS09001 reflects our full commitment to quality, and our tooling is fully inspected at each stage of production.

All CAD tooling models are independently inspected on screen prior to manufacture, to avoid any costly corrective work and associated delays once tooling production is underway.

Tooling is reviewed prior to unloading from the CNC machines, to ensure that machining has been completed and is to the required standard.

Our temperature-controlled CMM facility further provides the quality assurance demanded of us by our customers. With Autodesk’s PowerINSPECT we use our Faro Gage and Faro Edge arms to inspect every tool we make against the source CAD model. Inspection reports can be supplied to our customers if required.

Finally, rigorous reviews of the completed tooling are undertaken upon finalisation of the manufacturing process. Despatch is not approved until we are sure that the tooling is fully to specification.

Plug gauges
CMM inspection report
Pre-Delivery Inspection
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I have been using CPM for the last year and I have been pleased with the product.

CPM always involve you with regards to design, in line with your requirements. The quality of communication is good. Cost is dependent upon fixture complexity and is on par with the current market value. With regard to timings and delivery, they have met my requirements.

At present CPM are my preferred UK Supplier.

Craig Hodson, NMI Quality Engineer, Sertec Group Holdings Ltd